Teacher Leadership & Collaboration Implementation Guide

The TLC Implementation Guide is designed to provide you with action steps and resources to support the rollout of Teacher Leadership & Collaboration at your school. We are with you every step of the way from laying the foundation in your first year of TLC to reflecting and making adjustments for year two.

Our implementation phases include:  

  1. Building Collective Leadership Capacity
  2. Planning and Rollout
  3. Driving Instructional Improvement
  4. Reflecting and Making Adjustments.
building collective leadership capacity. planning and rollout. driving instructional improvement. reflecting. making adjustments.

How to use this guide:

Schools new to TLC

  • Under each phase, you’ll find several focus areas which offer clear objectives, key action steps, and a wide range of resources for you to ensure you are supported throughout your first year.
  • The guide also provides a:
    • Searchable resource library (these resources are customizable templates or examples from other schools to give you an idea of best practices and how to get started)
    • Glossary of key terms
    • Operations help center (for questions such as ‘How do I post a teacher leader position in GHR ?’ or ‘How do I add a team lead to my school?’)

Schools that have already implemented TLC

  • This guide is still for you! Depending on where you are in the process, we have a wide variety of resources and action steps that could support you in improving and growing your TLC model by learning from the successes and challenges other schools have already experienced.
    • Are you beginning the school year and in need of  new calendar and learning cycle templates? Be sure to read the Planning & Rollout focus areas.
    • Could you use help with providing ILT professional learning opportunities and facilitating team meetings? Driving Instructional Improvement is for you.
    • Perhaps you’re farther into the school year at this point and would like to think about year 2 or 3? Reflecting and Making Adjustments has a wealth of resources.
  • Be sure to explore the Resource Library which allows you to search for specific tools and templates for whatever implementation phase you’re in.

Get started here:

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Phase 3: Driving Instructional Improvement

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Phase 4: Reflecting & Making Adjustments