Teacher Leader Professional Learning Requirements and Expectations 

Professional learning for teacher leaders is designed to support their individual development of foundational leadership competencies essential in their role. These foundational leadership development sessions  are aligned to the Teacher Leader Scope and Sequence and LEAD framework and are an opportunity for teacher leaders to engaged in shared learning with peers across the district. Teacher leaders will additionally engage in required learning for their role as part of leadership weeks, regional learning, and school-specific learning.

The foundational leadership development sessions will be open to any role and will be offered throughout the year, not only in summer. Guidance about which learning is required or recommended for each role is listed below. These sessions are also open to other school leader roles.

Attending professional learning sessions alone will not support leaders to master the skills they need to be effective in their role. Participants will need support from their school-based coach/supervisor to practice and apply their learning.


Registration links for summer and ongoing learning are now available HERE.