TLC Professional Learning Year Long Scope and Sequence

Color Coding Key to School Leadership Framework Competency Alignment
Instructional Expertise: Coaching
Instructional Expertise: Observation/Feedback
Instructional Expertise: Data Culture
Instructional Expertise: Content Leadership/ Rigorous & Relevant Curriculum
People and Culture
Personal and Values
Operational and Organizational
Job-Embedded and Professional Practice Support
Vision and Strategy
September 6-7
October 4-5
November 9
Jan 10-11
March 14-15
May 2-3
Teacher leaders are set up for success by building relationships, refining individual and team goals, and developing the systems, structures, and timeline needed to support their teams.
Teacher Leaders map out learning cycles, determining what collaborative team time and supports best help teachers meet their goals, including setting a progress monitoring schedule and reviewing foundational data.
Teacher leaders have a shared definition of what excellence looks like in teaching and learning in order to ensure consistent and high-leverage feedback and support to teachers throughout the year.
Teacher leaders have an understanding of DPS Leadership Development Progression, check in on their mid-year leadership progress, and develop professional learning goals to support their career pathway.
Teacher leaders collect, analyze, and reflect on data to refine their leadership practice and continue to drive results.
Teacher leaders reflect and celebrate yearly accomplishments, develop talking points for their decision-making, professional growth, and impact on instruction.
Senior/ Team Leads
Indicator in the School Leader Framework
OO- School Systems and Operations: Ensures effective management of team operations, routines, and processes
IE- Coaching: Ensures all team members receive differentiated learning; develops meaningful learning cycle activities that leverage both collaborative team time and 1:1 supports to drive teacher growth and performance
IE- Observation/Feedback: Observes instructional practice, aligns evidence of instruction to the Framework for Effective Teaching, delivers high-leverage feedback, and supports teacher(s) in growing their practice
OO- Drives Results: Sets and achieves ambitious team goals
CE- Equity and Cultural Responsiveness: Implements team initiatives to identify and mitigate inequities within the school and to value and respect each student and family’s diversity and culture
PV- Personal Development: Demonstrates emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, and self-improvement
Options Designed for Senior/ Team Leads
Introducing Yourself as a Leader: Developing Rapport and Establishing Systems
Foundations in Coaching: A Cohort Learning Cycle
Difficult Conversations- Pt 2 of Learning Cycle
Improving COFs and LEAP Write-Ups (POs)
Embedding Equity Work Within Your Leadership
Understanding LEAP Data and Implications for End-of-Year Ratings
Creating Systems & Structures to Support Learning Cycles
Engaging the Instructional Leadership Team
Understanding the Senior Team Lead role in Mid-Year Conversations
Understanding Collaborate Data and What it Means for Your Role
Maximizing Your Leadership: Understanding Your Actions and Ability to Drive Results
PDU Presentations and Reflections
Playbook Coaching for Team Leads
New Teacher Support (Session Focus TBA)
Tactical Planning for New-to-Role Team Specialists
Session Options for Team Specialists, Team Facilitators and Other Teacher Leader Roles
Supporting Teachers in Starting the SLO Process
Systems and Structures of Supporting Teams
Putting the “I” Into DDI: Holding Teachers Accountable for Instructional Re-Engagement in Data Cycles
Finding Solutions for the Day-to-Day Challenges of Leadership: A Consultancy Protocol
Communicating With Influence
Tactical Planning for New-to-Role Team Specialists
DPS Playbook for Early Career Teacher Success: Helping Teachers Get Better Faster! (New Teacher Team)
DPS Playbook for Early Career Teacher Success: Helping Teachers Get Better Faster! (New Teacher Team)
Supporting Data Teams
Sep 6-7
October 4-5
November 9
Jan 10-11
March 14-15
May 2-3
Sessions for ALL Teacher Leader Roles
(Daytime and Evening Options)
Math- Elem and Secondary
Supporting Science Classrooms- Elem and Secondary sessions
How to Support Teachers to Differentiate for All Students, Including SPED and GT, in Coaching Sessions and Team Meetings
Facilitating Teams to Incorporate Math Practice 4 Into Lesson Planning
Using LEAP in ECE Classrooms
PDU Presentations and Reflections- AT/CC
ELA-S- Elem
Supporting Social Studies Classrooms- Elem and secondary sessions
Facilitating Teams to Incorporate Math Practice 3 Into Lesson Planning
ELA Office Hours- 1:1 Support With an Elementary ELA Expert
Immediately Actionable Strategies to Increase Science Literacy in Your School
ELA- Secondary
Supporting Secondary Language Arts Teachers with Lesson Planning
Finding Solutions for ELA Challenges- A Consultancy Protocol with the Secondary ELA Team
Building the Inquiry Arc in Social Studies- Elem and Secondary sessions
Language Arts- Secondary
Supporting Lesson Planning in Language Arts Classrooms
The Progression from CMAS to SAT: How Disciplinary Literacy in Science and Social Studies Sets Students Up for Success
Secondary Language Arts Curriculum Adaptations
Regional Team Specialists
(Dates may differ by subject: check with your Content Coordinator)
Planning, by content area
Planning, by content area + RTS Facilitation session
Planning, by content area
Planning, by content area
Planning, by content area
Planning, by content area
New Teacher Ambassadors
Time, Behavior, and Energy Mgmt (New Teacher Team)
New Teacher Support (Session Focus TBA)
New Teacher Support (Session Focus TBA)
New Teacher Support (Session Focus TBA)
New Teacher Support (Session Focus TBA)
New Teacher Support (Session Focus TBA)