TLC Planning

17-18 TLC Planning
Overview for current TLC schools 

Why TLC?

At Denver Public Schools, we know a great teacher in the classroom is one of the most important factors in our students’ growth and achievement. Teacher Leadership & Collaboration allows highly effective teachers to lead without leaving the classroom, extending their impact to multiple classrooms and helping more students grow. Organizing your school around empowered teams and strong instructional leadership is vital to ensuring Every Child Succeeds.

What is TLC Planning?

Last year, your school developed a fully built out design for TLC where all teacher belong to small, sustainable teams. This year you will either continue to build toward that future design or strengthen and sustain your fully built out design for School Year 17-18. You will illustrate how you will organize your teacher teams and what teacher leader roles will lead and support those teams.

Why are you planning?

SY 17-18 TLC Planning will allow you to strengthen your TLC design based on implementation lessons learned, data and district priorities. You will be able to continue to grow teacher leadership so more teachers have opportunities for growth and development. Your 17-18 TLC plan will request district funding and make sure you are ready for co-funding during budget season.

How will you plan for 17-18 TLC?

School Year 17-18 TLC Planning which will occur November 2016-January 2017, is differentiated to provide you a range of optional supports — webinars, work sessions and other resrouces. You can access these as you as see fit to aid in the development of your School Year 17-18 TLC Plan.