TLC Design

For schools implementing Senior/Team Leads for the first time in 17-18 

Why TLC?

At Denver Public Schools, we know a great teacher in the classroom is one of the most important factors in our students’ growth and achievement. Teacher Leadership & Collaboration allows highly effective teachers to lead without leaving the classroom, extending their impact to multiple classrooms and helping more students grow. Organizing your school around empowered teams and strong instructional leadership is vital to ensuring Every Child Succeeds. 

What is TLC Design?

As a school implementing Teacher Leadership & Collaboration for the first time in 2017-18, you will develop a distributive leadership structure for next school year as well as long term. Your school will build teacher teams and determine what teacher leader roles best serve its needs.

Why are we designing?

Design allows your school to plan backwards from it’s long term vision of distributive leadership to ensure you grow teachers in a sustainable way for your school. Through design, you will be set up to request district funding, confirm co-funding during budget season and select the strongest teacher leaders. 

How does design work?  

Your school will form a design team from your own teachers and leaders to customize TLC for your community. Through district supported resources, webinars and workshops, you will articulate a vision for TLC, customize a fully built out model and determine what 2017-18 implementation will look like.