Planning Resources

Preparing for SY 17-18 TLC Planning

SY 17-18 Planning Guidelines

(These include clear guidance on the components of TLC that must be consistent across schools to ensure financial sustainability and parity in teacher leader roles and where schools have the flexibility to customize the model)

TLC Planning Process: Step by Step

Guidance for using last year’s TLC Design Org Chart for 17-18

SY 17-18 TLC Planning Webinar Slides

School Example: Beach Court TLC Design Template

Beach Court: 16-17 TLC Org Chart

Beach Court: 16-17 Team Level Details

School Example: Denver Montessori TLC Design Template

Denver Montessori: 16-17 Team Level Details

Denver Montessori: 16-17 Budget Worksheet

School Example: Oakland TLC Design Template

Oakland: 16-17 Team Level Details

Oakland: 16-17 Budget Worksheet