Spring and Summer Professional Learning

To ensure that all teachers in new and returning teacher leader roles are set up for success, we are offering a series of required learning opportunities to provide foundational training and  support continuous growth.

Teacher Leadership & Collaboration teacher leaders are expected to complete the required onboarding, professional learning, and certifications (if applicable) prior to serving in role and receiving a stipend. TLC teacher leaders  who are also serving as designated Early Literacy Specialists should attend the TLC trainings outlined below for their specific role and attend the Early Literacy Specialist training held in July; TLC and the Early Literacy team are collaborating to ensure that there is no content overlap and that sessions across all trainings are relevant.

All TLC required learning that occurs outside of the teacher contract year will be paid at the teacher extra-duty hourly rate. For required trainings that teachers elect to attend during the school day this  spring (e.g. LEAP training or new-to-role onboarding), there is no extra-duty pay because the training happens during contract hours. However, TLC will cover substitute costs for teachers who receive permission to attend spring trainings.

Diff Roles

Professional Learning Requirements By Role

Spring 2017 Checklists