“Being a Senior Team Lead is why I’m still in the classroom…because I have the opportunity to teach and lead.”

-Alissa Mundt, Denver Green School

Teach and lead

Have you ever thought: I’d love to take on more of a leadership role at my school but I don’t want to give up my time in the classroom? At Denver Public Schools, you don’t have to choose. You can teach and lead. We believe that a great teacher is one of the most important factors in our students’ growth and achievement. Teacher Leadership & Collaboration (TLC) allows our best teachers to share the expertise they have developed with fellow teachers, extending a great teacher’s impact and helping more students grow.

We are looking for teacher leaders for the upcoming school year. Schools will be selecting for a variety of positions starting in February 2017. Keep in mind that dependent on candidate type, external applicants still might need to apply to an eligibility pool. Please read all steps in the application process.

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Begin your journey to teacher leadership today

Teacher leader roles allow great teachers to advance their careers by developing leadership skills – including coaching and evaluation, collaborative planning and building a strong team culture—while continuing to directly impact students. To learn more about how teachers are experiencing different teacher leader roles, read our teacher leader profiles:

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