“Being a Senior Team Lead is why I’m still in the classroom…because I have the opportunity to teach and lead.”

-Alissa Mundt, Denver Green School

Teach and Lead

Have you ever thought: I’d love to take on more of a leadership role at my school but I don’t want to give up my time in the classroom? At Denver Public Schools, you don’t have to choose. You can teach and lead. We believe that a great teacher is one of the most important factors in our students’ growth and achievement. Teacher Leadership & Collaboration (TLC) allows our best teachers to share the expertise they have developed with fellow teachers, extending a great teacher’s impact and helping more students grow.

We are looking for teacher leaders for the upcoming school year. Schools will be selecting for a variety of positions starting in February. Review the Teacher Leader Role Descriptions, the 2018 Selection Calendar, and the Am I Eligible? links on this page to get started.

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Begin your journey to teacher leadership today

Teacher leader roles allow great teachers to advance their careers by developing leadership skills – including coaching and evaluation, collaborative planning and building a strong team culture—while continuing to directly impact students. To learn more about how teachers are experiencing different teacher leader roles, read our teacher leader profiles:

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