TLC Professional Learning

(School Year 2017-18)

Professional Learning Designed for You

You have a unique charge: to coach and grow other teachers in your schools in service of school and district goals. The Teacher Leadership & Collaboration team has created essential learning experiences designed to support your development and maximize your impact on the teachers you support.

Required professional learning sessions for teacher leaders focuses on developing your expertise as a leader throughout the year in three areas aligned to competencies described in the School Leadership Framework:

  • Competency-based leadership development
  • Leading in academic content
  • Equity and inclusion leadership

Selecting Sessions that Fit Your Individual Needs

When selecting professional learning sessions, consider the needs of the students and the teachers in your school. Also consider sessions that will  complement, not duplicate, job-embedded supports you receive at your school (e.g., 1:1 coaching from school leaders and ILT or network professional learning opportunities). Click the link below for a template to support you in selecting professional learning experiences that are right for you!

Professional Learning Opportunities & Requirements »

Collaborating to Build the Capacity of Teacher Leaders in service of Best First Instruction, Culturally Responsive Education, Early Literacy, and Redesigning HS Experience

central and school collabroation

Mark your calendars for the following 2017-18 Professional Learning Options

Month  Professional Learning Opportunity
October 9-20, 2017 Leadership Development Weeks*
November 11, 2017 Saturday Leadership Symposium
January 27, 2018 Saturday Leadership Symposium
February 20-March 2, 2018 Leadership Development Weeks*

* Sessions during Leadership Development Weeks will be offered online and in-person, with in-person sessions happening at locations throughout the district and on several different dates/times to accommodate the schedules and needs of individual teacher leaders.