Lead without leaving the classroom

What if you could take your absolute favorite teacher – the one with the uncanny ability to spark joy in learning in every kid – and spread that teacher’s impact beyond a single classroom? That’s the goal with Teacher Leadership & Collaboration (TLC), a leadership model that allows our best teachers to coach and grow other teachers in their schools while staying true to their first love, teaching their own classroom of kids.

DPS Schools are Selecting Teacher Leaders Now

Teacher leaders across DPS love the work they are doing as Senior Team Leads, Team Specialists, Regional Team Specialists and New Teacher Ambassadors. Schools are selecting all teacher leader roles for the 2017-18 school year. Learn more about available teacher leader roles, eligibility, the application process and why so many teachers are committed to being a part of Teacher Leadership & Collaboration.

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Recent News

Teacher Leadership & Collaboration Case Studies Recently, DPS highlighted four schools as Teacher Leadership & Collaboration case studies: Abraham Lincoln High School, Cory Elementary, DC21 and High Tech Early College. The TLC case studies are designed to bring the voices of distributive leadership to life, as well as  illustrate how TLC can be designed to thrive in a variety of unique school settings. Read More »